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MallinCam Video CCD Observational System

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Authorized International MallinCam Distributor

Sole US MallinCam Distributor


If MallinCam makes it, I sell it!

For information on the MallinCam line of cameras and

accessories, check out MallinCam's website by clicking

on the image below.

If after checking out the MallinCam website, you are

unsure which is the appropriate camera or accessory

for you, call me at one of the telephone numbers above,

or send me an email at


I INTENTIONALLY do not have a CART or a mechanism

on line where someone can place an order for an item,

make the payment, and then wait for USPS or UPS to

drop off their package. I want to make sure that what

the customer wants to order is the CORRECT product

and that I have it in stock before payment is made.

If not, I will make recommendations based upon 50

years of using telescopes and 13 years of selling

MallinCam products. And, if the recommendation

is to not purchase a MallinCam or MallinCam accessory,

I will say so. My goal as well as that of Rock Mallin

is customer satisfaction. Selling a product to a

customer that does not achieve that goal is

something that neither Rock Mallin nor myself

ever do!

Jack Huerkamp, President - JAALLC

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