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The assembly of the groundboard was very straightforward. Only the wheels were easier to assemble. You will notice that the 1998 version of the TeleKit groundboard differs from the one currently manufactured. Mine was composed of double thickness plywood, unlike the current single thickness version. The current ones add thickness at the bearings and use Formica for feet. Mine had hard rubber "hockey pucks" for feet. For details on the current construction techniques for the TeleKit groundboard, see the ServoCAT section. I bought a new 24" round groundboard from AstroSystems for use with my CAT. Except for its round shape, its construction is the same as current TeleKit groundboards.

In this picture, I had started the fine sanding of the groundboard. I used both a Palm sander and a detail sander to smooth out the surface and pocketing in the groundboard. I also used a Dremel tool with small drum sander attachment to get into the tight places.